Nothing terrible exciting.

A week or so ago, one of my corridor mates woke me up in the middle of the night. On a Wednesday night. He was laughing and banging on something in the kitchen. I didn’t sleep again until the sun was up.

It turns out, in his drunk stupor, he brought home a cash register? Still, it sits on the kitchen table, complete with a little note reminding the user when the Selma Lägerlöf is no longer accepted. (I am lucky enough to still have one. Worthless, it is now a bookmark).

There is also a CD rack taller than I am, standing menacingly in the kitchen. I believe these items have now taken up a permanent residence in our humble corridor.


Being someone not from a place that has actual seasons, these changes absolutely amaze me. There are color on the trees? There are so many leaves on the ground– and no one does anything? It is a consistent temperature? This exists?

Yes. It was orange, but now the orange is drained of its brilliance, and the outside world is a gloomy soup of the dead and asleep. The colors that were only a few weeks ago rich and fat and ochre are now bleached into piles of sketelons, or rotting in ponds that dot the streets. There are some trees with no leaves left. They are solemn, but ready. There is a perpetual drizzle and a sleepy cloud cover, the days are an eternal evening. The nights are something silent, a stretching sedative that holds its breath until the gloom pales.


I went to a museum the other day, which was nice. They have a pretty strong museum culture here, and it’s a really popular place to take kids. I really like that, because where I’m from its hellishly far and hellishly expensive. I think it really does a lot for a kid to have the opportunity to see wildly new things in something as fantastical as a museum. There really is nothing like it.


P.S. I read American Gods by Neil Gaiman last week, and I think everyone should read it because it was really great. And I was really proud of myself because I recognized like 3 of the Icelandic words in it. (Prounouns lmao, one would hope I knew at least a few of them by now).

I am better a recognizing the case of a word, but conjugating it myself and then spelling it right, is not fucking working. I don’t know, my test is in less than a week, but they have this amazing thing here, where if you fail, you can try again. Back where I’m from nobody fails, so it’s nice to know there are other humans out there.

(Also I read Coraline, also Neil Gaiman, and it was really great also. I think it has to be one of my favorites books now , so I decree everyone reads that one too.)

I make up these absolute nonsense songs to try and remember the different endings for things. They help a lot, and are quite comical. Given that I don’t have to worry about anything outside of the most common classes, nothing is irregular, I know the gender and case of everything, and hopefully it’s not feminine because the vowel changes always fuck me up (you think it’s i and then it’s u and you realize this would be easier if you just knew it all to begin with). Yes, flawless.

The bad part is that I made a song about the definite stems of nouns, but don’t have anything for indefinite. I usually just bank on something like ‘well yeah, neuter definite is usually the same for accusative and nominative, so indefinite is probably the same too’. Which isn’t always a big problem. But then I still manage to fuck everything up for every goddamn question. That’s usually when I throw the pen down and try to cry.

I used to have this horrible drive to study every and all of the hardest languages out there. But I think I’m done. This is enough. It will be a while before I head out on a new quest. I will stick around here and continue crying thanks, I am pretty content with this suffering.

A cluster of mushrooms at the foot of a grave.
An entire bottle of Absolut on the train.

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